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9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Internet Marketing (Content Sample)

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9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Internet Marketing (Content Sample)

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is often referred to as online marketing. It is an electronic method of brand promotion and delivering services efficiently. Its wide range includes email marketing, two-way communication with customers and any promotional events and activities that can be done distantly without meeting the actual customer in person.

9 Reasons your company should use internet marketing
1.       24 hour marketing- You can deliver a message to your target audience with a website or a blog. If you compare this kind of a platform with a showroom event, then definitely this marketing is not limited to any time or any day. It just happens, 24 hours a day. And your message gets delivered 24/7, 365 days in a year.

2.       To provide product information-Give customers direct access to information about your products. The customers have now become smarter and even more intelligent. A customer before buying any product makes a deep study of the entire properties of it and so the product information proves to be useful for that matter.

3.       Clear future- Advertising on TV, radio, newspapers is now of no use. Internet marketing is not more than 20 years old and since then it has been increasing at a very rapid pace. It is outpacing other methods of advertising. The expected dollars to be spent annually in the next few years will exceed $30 billion.

4.       Reach the worldwide audience-The Internet is a worldwide network that allows you to reach people which even very expensive advertising could not.

5.       Recruit new employees- Nowadays, nearly all companies provide current information regarding job openings and attract talented people from places they could never reach otherwise.

6.       Let customers try a sample of your product or service- Nowadays , new facilities are available to the customers by the companies that allows them to try out a sample of the product they are buying. You can gain an aggressive lead by offering a test sample of the product or service. For instance, these days customers buying apparels have an opportunity of “try and buy” which is very comfortable and can even overcome the fear of buying a product without its physical sight.

7.       Level your customer service load- In retail stores sometimes there are so many customers that the personnel is not able to handle them all at once so the customers feel neglected. But internet provides assistance to all the customers at one time. Although personal assistance can never replace anything else but can help by sending queries through mails or phone calls.

8.       Results can be measured- People nowadays hardly read any newspaper ad or rarely listen to radio ads. With the help of Google analytics, a company can track how many visitors came to the website, at what time, for how much time, what part of the page was viewed, what percent were repeat visitors and so on.

     Reaching a younger customer- Instead of expecting a younger demographic to visit your site you can yourself reach them all at once.

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