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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing (Content Example)

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

What is social marketing?
Social media marketing is also abbreviated as SMM. It means attracting traffic through social channels available on the internet today. Social media marketing is an amazing tool for small business owners as when used right you can reach a whole lot of new customers while keeping in touch with established ones. Social media also makes it easy to promote new products and services to the people who really want them.

Your biggest competitors all have social media accounts and are skyrocketing their profits as well as reporting increased customer satisfaction.

How Your Business Will Benefit From Social Media Marketing
There are lots of reasons as to why business organizations should be using social media for marketing and business purposes. Here are six of the best

1.       Branding-   Any sort of presence on the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest help in building you as a brand. This is very helpful for a small business owner.

2.       Word of mouth marketing- The best part about social media marketing is that it creates a ripple effect. The moment your product or service is talked about, liked or discussed it reaches another network instantly. This is definite word of mouth marketing; and nothing beats it.

3.       Reputation management- Social media proves to be an instant thermometer of your brand. It tells you what your customers think about you and your services. It helps you change your marketing plans almost instantly, without having to waste much money on something that is not working. Two-way communication with customers is a great reputation management check for any firm here.

4.       Find out what works and what doesn’t- Social media marketing helps you to save a lot of time on testing of your products and services. The response you get from marketing your products or services on social channels is almost instant. So you practically know what is working and what is not.

5.       Helps with search engine rankings- If you brand is being talked about over social media channels constantly, you automatically increase your search engine rankings. Your social profiles give prospective clients options such as ‘follow’, ‘like’ and more. This way your network builds and so does your SEO rankings.

6.       Cost-effective marketing and advertising alternative- To start a social media page requires practically $0.00. Yes that’s true. You can register online on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and start your page today. To build your network will definitely take some humble investment. But it would be worth it completely.


Social media is an excellent way of creating a viral network or buzz about your brand. If done correctly, this can bring laurels to your brand instantly. It is now a necessity for a business to thrive online on social channels in order to get the real sense of its customers. Today, with great analytics available you can target and retarget audiences after much deliberation. This way saving money on marketing is much easier, because you only spend on what works for you. 

9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Internet Marketing (Content Sample)

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9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Internet Marketing (Content Sample)

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is often referred to as online marketing. It is an electronic method of brand promotion and delivering services efficiently. Its wide range includes email marketing, two-way communication with customers and any promotional events and activities that can be done distantly without meeting the actual customer in person.

9 Reasons your company should use internet marketing
1.       24 hour marketing- You can deliver a message to your target audience with a website or a blog. If you compare this kind of a platform with a showroom event, then definitely this marketing is not limited to any time or any day. It just happens, 24 hours a day. And your message gets delivered 24/7, 365 days in a year.

2.       To provide product information-Give customers direct access to information about your products. The customers have now become smarter and even more intelligent. A customer before buying any product makes a deep study of the entire properties of it and so the product information proves to be useful for that matter.

3.       Clear future- Advertising on TV, radio, newspapers is now of no use. Internet marketing is not more than 20 years old and since then it has been increasing at a very rapid pace. It is outpacing other methods of advertising. The expected dollars to be spent annually in the next few years will exceed $30 billion.

4.       Reach the worldwide audience-The Internet is a worldwide network that allows you to reach people which even very expensive advertising could not.

5.       Recruit new employees- Nowadays, nearly all companies provide current information regarding job openings and attract talented people from places they could never reach otherwise.

6.       Let customers try a sample of your product or service- Nowadays , new facilities are available to the customers by the companies that allows them to try out a sample of the product they are buying. You can gain an aggressive lead by offering a test sample of the product or service. For instance, these days customers buying apparels have an opportunity of “try and buy” which is very comfortable and can even overcome the fear of buying a product without its physical sight.

7.       Level your customer service load- In retail stores sometimes there are so many customers that the personnel is not able to handle them all at once so the customers feel neglected. But internet provides assistance to all the customers at one time. Although personal assistance can never replace anything else but can help by sending queries through mails or phone calls.

8.       Results can be measured- People nowadays hardly read any newspaper ad or rarely listen to radio ads. With the help of Google analytics, a company can track how many visitors came to the website, at what time, for how much time, what part of the page was viewed, what percent were repeat visitors and so on.

     Reaching a younger customer- Instead of expecting a younger demographic to visit your site you can yourself reach them all at once.

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8 Benefits of Building an E-mail list for Your Business (Content Sample)

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8 Benefits of Building an E-mail list for Your Business

What is an E-mail List?
One of the best and most profitable things you can do in online marketing is to build your own e-mail list. Not only can you send your customers quality content and keep in touch with them it is also a good way for the company.

 Emil List Building Benefits in Business

1.      Your mail list is yours and you have full rights to it. If a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter makes a change in their privacy or user settings, you will then not be able to communicate easily or you may not find it comfortable to use it any further. But an email list will always keep you in touch with your target audience.

2.     Even if the social networking sites are gaining more popularity these days, an e-mail has always been a must for every organization or individual. For instance, a person might not be a Facebook user but he would definitely be holding an e-mail account.

3.       It is easy for those who are less tech savvy. Some people are still not aware of the latest techniques that are available in the market. For instance, many people do not know how to use Facebook, Twitter or open blogs. An e-mail newsletter or an e-mail blog subscription is an easier way out.

4.   Building an e-mail list provides you with a systematic and easy way to organize names and e- them regular mails informing them about any new arrivals, availing discounts, etc.

5.    One big benefit of having an e-mail list is that you do not have to look out for fresh traffic every time you have to promote something new. The list now becomes your traffic. The good thing here is that you have already built up your reputation so high that you do not require any recommendations any further.

6.        It’s a permission based asset which means those who sign up have given you permission to share        and communicate with them. This gives you authority. Your e-mail list will act as leverage.

7.       It is to an extent cost effective and helps you to give justice to your efforts in any promotional act. 

    It’s proactive and enables you to communicate when you need to with a qualified audience who is likely to pay more attention (since they opted in to your list).


It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, how big or small it is, all you need to do is to organize it well and build your list.  Simply a signing up form is not enough to attract people. You have to put in a lot of effort, make it more appealing and attractive and opt for new tactics and not to forget, you have to maintain the quality of your product for a long lasting relation with your customers. You have to be in touch with them by sending regular mails.

Email marketing can grow any business over a period of some time. It needs dedication and regularity to actually bear fruits of your hard work but when it does bear fruits you will be glad you put the work in.

How to Cleanse and Detox Your Skin Content Sample

How to Cleanse and Detox Your Skin Content Sample 

Have you ever thought about how your internal health affects your skins health? Maybe you have but the idea of cleansing and detoxifying your skin may have not come to you. Many sources are now claiming that cleansing and detoxifying can boost your skins health and give it a radiant young glow. Correct cleansing is very good for helping to clear up acne here’s how,

The Culprit: Toxins
Detoxification involves getting rid of toxins in the body. Skin-care professionals say that the skin is one of the primary "gates" through which the body ushers toxins out. When this process gets overloaded, they say, the skin gets overwhelmed and consequently inflamed and irritated trying to get the toxins out.

Toxins can be anything from free radicals (which can result from sun exposure), environmental toxins such as chemical exposure and cigarette smoke, medications, or even by-products from body processes like respiration and digestion.

In today's world, many people are concerned about the exposure to toxins that may be higher than it was in years past. After all, the modern world is full of synthetic substances and chemicals, many of which we take into our bodies without even thinking about them. Foods contain artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours; produce may have pesticide residue; animal foods may contain synthetic hormones and antibiotics. The list could go on! The point is, toxins are out there, and the potential for a toxin overload is quite real. And your skin bears the brunt of it.

What Kind of Cleanse is Best for My Skin?

So how do you go about doing a  cleanse for your skin's health? Here are some tips for various skin-specific cleansing methods and approaches.

# Fresh Juice
Some advocates of cleansing swear by fresh juice as a treatment for acne. Juicing vegetables and fruits and drinking them throughout the day instead of solid food (or just replacing a meal with juice) for a day or so is said to help flush the system and flood it with good nutrients. Some people have had success simply incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into their otherwise healthy diet.

# Topical Detox

Some sources recommend detoxifying skin by exfoliating and helping your skin shed the top layer of dead skin cells. Use gentle exfoliation and steam on your face, and "brush" the skin of your body with a soft brush specifically for the purpose. Other health experts recommend a splash of cool water for the skin of your body, followed by a vigorous towel rub.

# Colon Cleansing

It's said that healthy digestion is essential for healthy skin tone. There are all sorts of colon cleansing options out there; choose one that fits your schedule and budget. Health experts point out that just about any colon cleanse that promotes digestive health will improve the health of your skin.

Note that health experts recommend following up any cleanse with a healthy lifestyle that will help maintain your detoxified state.

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5 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup Content Sample

No one can turn back the clock, but the way you apply your make-up and the kind of make-up you use can go a long way in making your skin look younger and fresher. Once you've accomplished the basics for healthy skin on the inside - healthy diet, plenty of water, and regular exercise - you can use these make-up techniques to help your skin look young and radiant.

1. Use Creams, Not Powders

Young girls often pile on a lot of powder, whether it's pressed powder or blush. Sometimes, young women do this to absorb oil and reduce shine. But as your skin ages, a certain amount of "shine" is considered a good thing and certainly better than dry cracked powder clinging to flakes of dry skin. A luminous, translucent look can help bring back the moisture-rich look of youth (that you used to cover up with powder!).

Another reason for using cream blushes, eye shadows, and other make-up is that it will be less likely to settle into the wrinkles and lines on your face. When powders fill in these facial lines, it can make them stand out and look like cracks. Creams have a gentle more smoothing effect.

2. If You Have to Use Powder... 

Make-up artists and other professionals recommend using a soft, fluffy brush to apply powder to ageing skin rather than the pads that come with pressed powder. Loose powder blushes, face powder, and bronzers work best with a brush and tend to have a more translucent quality than pressed powder. Also, powders with "shimmer" or luminescence are said to be a good choice for older skin.

3. Moisturiser

To achieve that young "dewy" look to the skin and to plump up wrinkled areas, moisturiser under your make-up is considered essential. You can also look for commercially prepared moisturiser that is tinted, so it acts as a light foundation and moisturiser in one.

4. Think Less is More

When it comes to applying make-up to mature skin, the days of heavy, caked foundation, blush, and mascara are over. Light coverage is the way to go these days, using such items as translucent, low-pigment foundation and translucent face powder. Experts recommend going a shade lighter than your skin tone when choosing foundation and concealer. If you add colour and depth in the form of a bronzer or blush, choose warm, light colours.

5.Line Your  Lips

Content Sample Wedding Day Beauty Tips That Will Help Save Your Sanity

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What did I learn from my scribbling on my make-up in the bathroom five minutes before the car was due to arrive on my own wedding? Work out and practise a schedule then stick to it it will save you a lot of stress and allow you to enjoy your big day.

Planning your beauty details months before the bug day and getting it down pat will help you remain calm and relaxed on the big day ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.

Two Months Before

A good skincare routine is important to get your skin glowing for the big day but try not to go wild and experiment with something extreme. To bump up your usual routine try using I-Skin Intelligent Microdermabrasion System.

Moisture plays a very important part in healthy glowing skin. Try applying an oil free moisturiser each morning before you put your make-up on. I suggest Beyond Belief ABH Oil Free Moisturiser for your face and throat.

Four to Six Weeks Before

Make your appointment now to have your hair and makeup done. Schedule a consultation and try several different styles with and without your veil and experiment with more dramatic makeup. Remember the waterproof mascara.

Two Weeks Before

Time for a trim and to touch up your hair colour or highlights. Keep your hair healthy with a deep conditioner twice a week. Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque is made to repair any damage and make your hair super shiny on the day.

One Week Before

Schedule yourself a pedicure but keep your feet fabulous until the big day with some extra pampering. The Soothing Lavender Foot Soak can be handy if you plan on dancing the night away at your reception.

Don't leave any waxing until the last minute. You could end up with shiny, red skin and that isn't what you want for your wedding photos.

The Day Before

Slip an eye mask in the freezer for a few minutes and use it to minimize puffy eyes.

For a -classic look, try Sally Girl polish in Mellow for fingernails and a fun red for toenails.
The small-size bottles are excellent to have on hand for touch-ups and the polish dries quickly.

The Wedding Day

Help your day go smoothly by keeping a small bag with beauty basics such as clear fingernail polish to stop a run, bob pins to help hold an unruly curl and toupee tape for a fallen hem. You will be glad you did

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